Recently I came across a nuclear family consisting of middle aged parents and a son in his early twenties. A typical Indian family who had been sticking hard to their roots.

The father is an engineer who works in a chemical organisation. Both the parents have made their only son as their goal of life. They have done everything possible to make sure that their son got the best education, and is smartest of the lot. Today, he is working at one of the world’s best companies, Google.

As an outsider, the family looks just perfectly beautiful, with two bread earners  playing their roles and the Mom making sure that the family is well fed. Most of the times, when we come across such a family (typically and Indian family), we feel proud about how well the family is doing. About how well the male counterparts have played their roles. ( The father earned enough so that he could afford the schooling of his son and the son being a responsible human being has played his part too.)

But how often do we remember to praise or appreciate the root underneath this tree? How often do we realise the sacrifices that 50 yer old woman would have undertaken to make sure that both the boys didn’t feel any stress or pressure about home. When I tried to know more about her, she told me that she came from a small town of Roha. Roha is a small city in Raigadh district of Maharashtra state of India. She was brought up in a big joint family with more than 20 to 35 people in her home. She spent her childhood with all her uncles and her siblings in the same home. She was always used to talking and caring for people around her. At the same time she was also being used to getting all the the love and care from her family.

Today, she lives with her husband and son in a small suburb of Sydney. Cooks all the meals for her family so that they can have a healthy day which ultimately allows them to focus on their work. When they come at home, all of them watch something that is common instead of watching a 30 minute vernacular show with that lady( which would make her happy). Coming from a talkative joint family, today, she spends 12 hours without talking to a single person. All that she does is cooking and cleaning for the family and some gardening at home. And above all, when she invites guests at home, she has got only good memories to share with a smile on her face.

Most of us would think that the father and the son are the bigger people because they are earning million dollars for their home. But, for me, I think that lady is a bigger person who has sacrificed billions of her minutes without  even a thought so that her family can live a peaceful and healthy life. Her magnanimous behavior and actions spoke louder about her than anyone else. Her spirit made a larger impact in the crowd and sparkled through all the dark shadows! 🙂



PICK UP when its still time and MAKE UP when its still time.

Very often we feel that we have a long long life ahead. Maybe its true maybe its not. But, what we may not realise is that the people in our lives may not have enough time.

So often than not, we try to disconnect the calls coming from important people of our lives. Be it our parents, siblings, friends, spouse, or any other important person. We avoid or we disconnect the call in various ways.

  1. We disconnect the call and then send them a short message that we will get back.  (Which we sometimes forget to)
  2. We pick up the call but tell them that we would call later as we are in some important meetings. ( which means that the call eventually ends up in 30 seconds)
  3. We just disconnect the call and go back to focus our attention in the important meeting or focus on the work that we are doing.
  4. We just change the profile of the phone and turn it to silent mode. So even if the ring continues we would not be disturbed by it.


My point here is that we may not know but we take THESE IMPORTANT PEOPLE of our lives for granted. We feel, that they will always be there and you would always be able to get back to them. But unfortunately, we fail to realise that all of us here are living on borrowed time.

You may assume that you would be able to get back to them, but who knows whether they would be even there to get back tomorrow or later. And then there would be no choice to sit and repent for your actions. Sadly, the books that we studied and the world that we stay in, only teaches us that meetings and work is more important than anything else. Nobody will ever tell you that your biggest assets are the people standing behind you and with you at every step. Its only because of them you have made it so far.

These are the people who have always stood by you in thick and thin. And these are the people whom you bank on for your peace of mind. These are people who would leave everything that they are doing to help you in case you are in dumps.

I think its high time, we should start focusing on “people” and not “task”. I think its time, we should stop saying “let me get back to you” to the ones who matter the most.

Time and tide wait for one. Make sure you utilize them to your best abilities when you have them. 🙂



Sound travels faster than light and reaction travels faster than sound!

Have you ever been at the giving end of a reaction to someone’s action. Or even at the receiving end of someone’s reaction?

That time when I tasted Banana bread for the first time. We had got the banana bread on the flight.. I don’t believe in changing my approaches again and again. Being the rigid personality that I was then, I refused to eat my banana bread considering it as a non-vegetarian preparation.
On continuous denial, I was being asked every 10 minutes to eat my banana bread. Yet my adamant personality then didn’t want to make the compromise. I didn’t want to try something new that I hadn’t tried before. After multiple attempts when I failed to convince that I didn’t want to eat that banana bread, I bursted out. Reacted strongly and forced him to eat my slice of the banana bread too.

Today, when I eat my nth banana bread I realise how naive I was. Today, when I am the first one to buy banana bread from the supermarkets, I realise how unreasonable I was.

This is just one of many cases wherein I have reacted rather than responded. But, I am not very proud of it. So like the theory says, in life it is so much better to respond than react. It is so much better to take control of the situation and understand the depth of it rather than just reacting based on the first layer of flowing water. Let’s be a little more cautious of our reactions and responses. Let not others be affected by our strong negative reactions. We are here to create harmonious relationships and make this world a better place.😀


Life is just not about Hard Work! It is about creating memories as and when you can! :)

Dubai, the largest and most populous city of UAE welcomed me with open arms. I went to Dubai for quite some time due to my professional commitment. As my organization believed in aggressive deadlines, I was loaded with loads and loads of work. So much work that I hardly slept for 5 hours each day during my time there. In addition, I had forgotten the meaning of weekends. My weekends were busy in work too. And yet, after doing all this, the work satisfaction level never raised beyond the benchmark. Be it morning, afternoon, evening or night, I would only be seen working. With very few social interaction and absolutely no time for myself, I was alone from home for the very first time. Imagine my plight.  (I feel the time had the perfect ingredients for me to go insane) 😦


Life could have been so much difficult had I not had these amazing people to spend my weekends with. As I was always engrossed in work, I never initiated to meet my first cousin and his family. Contrarily, I always received a phone call on Thursday night (weekends are on Fridays and Saturdays) without fail to spend the weekend with them. Although work was the primary reason, I still remember the various reasons I would give to my uncle for refusing to go over to his place.  As I was naive and still starting out, I felt that in order to climb up the corporate ladder, I needed to maintain good relations with my colleagues and had to spend some good time with them to.. ( To be a part and feel included in the inner circle. Forgetting the reality of who my inner circle was actually was.) He would keep on calling, the family would keep on expecting me to come, and I would keep forgetting to understand my priorities every single time. Hence, would end up giving new reasons in all the calls and yet my uncle never gave up. He kept on pursuing every weekend, so much so that he would always offer to actually come to pick me up at my hotel at my convenient time. He kept on telling me how important it is enjoy weekends. Most of times I gave in to all the requests. After all, even I wanted to enjoy the weekends. ( But had some mental blockages, which stopped me.. )


I would often think, that even at being such a lower level in the corporate hierarchy, I was throwing so much tantrums when he called. Whereas being in the top levels of corporate hierarchy he could manage to enjoy and keep his mind empty( of work) on weekends.On personal level, being 20 years younger to him, he showed no pride in calling me every weekend and asking me to come home and spend some quality time with family. Eventually, I realized how important it is to spend time with family even when we are doing nothing significant. Just sitting and chit-chatting would give much break from the routine and relaxation from the hectic schedule. My cousin was 15 years younger to me, so we would be playing all the kinds of games; be it pictionary, dart game, jumping on the trampoline, word games, cricket and so on.. But, trust me, after spending 2 days, I would always be so charged up for the coming week ahead. And of course, I didn’t have to worry about my food on my weekends as my Aunt took care of the breakfast, lunch, dinner. You know you are lucky when you get some amazing omelette waiting for you in the breakfast platter. But at the same time, you know you are the luckiest, when your family invites you and waits for you to join in the celebration. ( Now you know such a fool I was who was refusing to all the free lunches that I had in store!)


Today, when I look back I dont even remember what work I did during my time in Dubai ( okay, I am lying! I do remember what I did!), but what I cherish the most is the memories I created. I felt there was someone who didnt just give up on me ( despite my continuous persistence) and gave me so many moments to smile, then and even now. He was one of my angels who taught me that it is so important to Love and Live Every Moment of This Life to the fullest. To this person who filled my life with joy in that phase of life.

Never Give Up on Life because you have your angels who have never given up on you! 🙂

2011-08-28 18.16.39

Is Quantity more important than Quality?

Do you sometimes sit and feel how superficial our world has become? Do you realise how much importance we give to numbers?

Being from the Finance industry, I can quote and understand the importance of numbers. But, lately I have started feeling that we are all talking and understanding ONLY numbers. All our discussions are based on numbers. That’s how we are unknowingly training our mind to understand the progress. ( based on numbers)

1. Be it the billion dollars profit of an organisation.
2. Or the number of likes of your photo posted on Facebook.
3. Or the 100 crore mark of a Bollywood movie.
4. Or the number of wishes you receive on your Birthday.
5. The percentage scored by a student in an examination.

Do we even realise that these numbers are not as important as the non financial/numeric factors our life? Although, numbers are important, they should not be the only factors responsible for decision making. Just like non financial factors are so important to decide the growth of an organisation, non- numeric factors are equally important to decide the depth of your life.

1. The culture, the people and the process are as important or even more than the numbers for a growing organisation.
2. No of likes on the Facebook donot hold any value if you don’t have even a single friend to call in time of an emergency.
3. What is use of 100 crore mark if the performances of the actors are not extraordinary and exceptional? Or what is the use of crossing 100 crore if the movie doesn’t have a story that leaves an impact and touches the lives of many?
4. No of wishes don’t matter unless there is quality in it. The 3 wishes on your bday would only matter and make a difference if it’s coming from the heart.
5. Can we ever design a system wherein the overall growth of the student is measured rather than the marks he scored? Can we ever be able to judge a student based on his extra-curricular activities and learning new skills rather than measuring the progress based on the marks he scored or the math problems he solved?

I feel it is extremely important to determine the quality of life by its non numeric factors/ the qualitative factors. Because these are the factors which will take you ahead in the long run. These are factors which will help you identify the depth of your life than the numbers.

Would appreciate your views and opinions in the comments below. 🙂


Bumper cars or dodgems is the generic name for a type of flat ride consisting of several small electrically powered cars which draw power from the floor and/or ceiling, and which are turned on and off remotely by an operator. They are also known as bumping cars, dodging cars and dashing cars.


Have you ever experienced driving a dashing car? It’s fun and enjoyable because you get to bump other cars and enjoy that adrenaline rush for that-split second. Now when the buzzer goes on the idea of driving a dashing car is to hit as many cars as possible coming from all directions and make the most of your time till the buzzer goes off.



Staying in Ahmedabad I was introduced to this game around 12-15 years back when it was first launched in Ahmedabad. I precisely remember how much fun I had sitting in my dashing car and hitting other cars coming from north, south, west, east and every other direction possible. It was all crisscross and a big chaos but fun nonetheless. You have to be alert about where you are heading, who is following you and at how much angle should you take a turn to avoid the dash from other cars. It trains you to be smart and on your toes along with enjoying the process. ( Not to mention, driving on Indian roads is also similar to driving a dashing car. You never know who is coming from your left or right.ONLY RULE: You need not follow streetlights but be alert and keep your eyes and ears open all the time to safeguard yourself from everything that is within 10 mts of your vehicle, be it a bicycle or a cart or a mercedes benz or a tractor. Just don’t lose your senses ever. )



All of us know that this place is extremely strict about its traffic rules, its food policies, its travel rules, its hygiene standards and everything else that your mind can think of. Too much restrictions and you ought to learn to live within those boundaries. Now it was my turn to experience Dashing Cars at #Luna Park of Sydney. I was looking forward to an exciting experience ahead. I sat in my dashing car after waiting for my turn in the queue and just imagine what I noticed. Although I was well aware about the safety conscious standards of this country, but this experience took me to another level. Imagine that with the experience you have, you are all set to bump into other 20-30 cars by your skillful driving. But, all that you observe is that this country takes its safety rules and traffic rules far too seriously. Even in the dashing car zone you observe that all the cars are moving in one direction ONLY. So, there are 20-30 cars inside but all of them are moving in the same oval manner. Organization and Safety to another level altogether. Perhaps, all you can do is try and bump into 2-3 cars ahead of you and then again get into the same movement of other cars too. Huh! Did you come with this expectation!. Hell, no! But nonetheless, it was a unique enjoyable experience. ( After all you got to find enjoyment with what you have.)


With an unexpected astonishment and a smile on my face I walk out of that zone thinking that “Each place has its own trait and its own charm”. You can never experience the beauty of anything unless you open up yourself and allow it to startle you.



Started packing our bags with some excitement, some anxiety, some hope, some fear and a lot of anticipation. Moving to a new place is not easy. (But who said we believe in following easy paths). We were going to leave the current status quo and a new status quo would eventually be formed. We were well prepared that we would not be seeing our families for a long time now. But, all in all, a bold step to move to the other side of the world and create our small world in the big universe was already taken.


Having read so much about how the Australian culture is, how the Aussies are and what they actually do, we were having a rich set of information about the southernmost continent. Having grasped so much about the continent,we arrived to the land down under, with some preconceived notions as;


Our preparedness/(preconceived notions as u may say it):


  • Australia has the most dangerous animals, insects and reptiles in the whole world. So, one rule that everyone should follow is donot go in the isolated areas. Also, always keeps your eyes and ears open. Who knows where you would see a redback spider or frilled neck lizard or a green tree frog.
  • Never to wear a pair of shoes without turning them upside down and making sure there is nothing inside. Not to wear open footwear when you walk on the streets on this country.
  • Never to wear a jacket before making sure that there is nothing inside.
  • Always apply sunscreen before heading out. This place is prone to skin cancers
  • Never to walk on streets after the sun has set.
  • Being the foodies that we are, we thought there would not be tastier food available in Australia and as a result we stocked up as much as we could. ( As if we were  going to a new planet all together)
  • Always carry a rat-kill (insect kill ) in your bag just to protect yourself from unwanted stuff.
  • Never talk to strangers, because you never know when they would feel angry on you and come to hurt you just because you are an Indian.
  • Just be aware because people come to hit you with hockey-sticks on the airport itself or they might just be taking a note of your whereabouts to come and trouble you. ( Hypothetical one 😉 )
  • Be careful before you give your opinion, not to talk in any language other than English, not to talk loudly because you dont know who might just take offence.
  • Always have a thick skin because THE AUSSIES are habituated to the rough tone and the rough language. The  donot intend to hurt you but thats just how they are.
  • Lastly, if everything doesnt go as expected take the next flight and come back to your home country. ( Hypothetical one 😉 )


Pleasant Surprises:


  • Yes, Australia has the most dangerous animals, insects and reptiles in the whole world. But they are mostly found in the outback. So it’s relatively safe to go out without irrational fear and be calm about it.
  • After my first week in this place, I don’t remember a single time when I had actually checked my shoes, coats or clothes before wearing them. I have become pretty acquainted with it. The rough people with the rough attitude! Cool, aint it!
  • There have been so many times when I have headed out without applying any SPF. Although I have then made sure that I am not in direct contact with sun rays.
  • Walking on CBD streets at 1:00 am has been quite an incredible experience. You find all sorts of party people around you. Some of them are just having fun with their friends outside the clubs, on the stations and living their hearts out on the streets of Sydney. Some of them are drunk but dare not come close to any stranger. You will hardly come across somebody who tries to get close to you after being excessively drunk. ( A funny example, when I was coming out of a convenience store and  a drunkard guy came straight at me. I was dumbfounded with his sudden presence. Out of surprise, he just asked me to dance with him on a petrol pump outside the convenience store at 12:00 am midnight. I decided to ignore him and walk away. Immediately after that his wife/girlfriend {who had seen all of this from her car and was laughing about it} came and took him away back in the car.) Some weird experiences to add in my dictionary and laugh about 20 years from now. 🙂
  • Foodies…. We get some amazing vegetarian options in the city ( Indian options too). Of all the Indian options that I have tried, “The Spice Room” is my personal favourite.
  • Oh man! So many times I just go out without even carrying my purse/bag. Forget the rat-kill that I mentioned. All I need is my keys, opal card and a bottle of water.
  • Although all of us are well aware of the upfront straightforward nature of Aussies, in my personal experience I have found them really really kind than most of the other nationalities. If you are stuck somewhere and go to them for help, there is no way they will leave you without trying to help you. They will do everything in their capacity to give support to you. ( For example, I just a needed to print a piece of paper and went to the receptionist. Sadly, she wasn’t there, so the other admin guy tried helping me but didn’t know how to operate the printer. Later he gave a call to the receptionist to ask about her whereabouts. When she came, she figured out that my pendrive was not compatible with the printer. Hence she took the extra effort to insert the pendrive in her laptop, and take a print from another printer that lied in the room next door, before she finally handed over the printed paper to me.. I mean, was all this effort needed from her end? She could have just refused to me saying that the printer is not compatible with my pendrive. I would have been thankful and moved on. But, this gesture shows that they are really kind and helpful by nature. 🙂
  • People never came with hockey-sticks in their hands on the airports
  • I am never ever afraid to talk in my own language in an unknown country too.
  • Thick skin, thick language and thick attitude is all that matters in the long run.


I am totally soaked into the beauty and the pleasant surprises this place has offered me. I cant wait to look forward to some new adventures and new experiences at this place.

In the end, all I can say is lets just patiently wait till one more magic wand is turned and you are welcomed to another world of surprises.